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Native plant sales raise funds for nonprofit and educational institutions. Bosky Dell Natives is proud to sponsor sales

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that benefit these organizations. Groups from the Audubon Society to local school fundraising groups and foundations have discovered that offering native plants to supporters provides ample funding revenue from sales of a resource inherently valuable to communities and individuals. Plant sales are fun, and your supporters will be delighted with their purchases!

The benefits of plant sales for schools are tremendous: Children learn about free enterprise; children gain experience collecting payments and making change; children learn about ecology and history making signs for their plant sales, which may include listings of butterfly plants, sun-loving plants, or plants first documented by Lewis and Clark. School plant sales generate funds and can enable kids to install a native garden on their school site, to be enjoyed by wildlife and children alike.

Plant sales may take one of two forms:
1.A variety of plants are offered for sale at an advertised event. These plants are provided by Bosky Dell Natives without advance payment, and those that are not sold are returned. The organization pays wholesale prices for all plants, which are sold at retail prices. The difference is kept by the organization as profit.
2.Plants are pre-ordered by organization supporters. The plants ordered are picked up at Bosky Dell Natives and paid for (wholesale prices).

Tips for planning a successful plant sale

The Day of the Sale

Questions: Call or email Lory Duralia at Bosky Dell Natives, Inc.
Ph:503-638-5945  Fax:503-638-8047  

Thanks to the Reynolds Learning Center for the tips on creating a successfull plant sale.

View a school plant sale's use of the internet at:www.rsd.edu/schools/chiefjo/plants.htm

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