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Beautiful Fields Creek


Friend's of Fields Creek

Please listen to the Unheard Voice of Field's Creek

We purchased the land across the drive from the nursery that borders Fields Creek . . . this doubles the size of our nursery, and gives us some remarkable habitat to reclaim. With a grant from OWEB and the help of SOLV and so many other volunteers, we have restored the stream. We removed invasive newcomers along the creek that were crowding out our natives, and replanted with a variety of native trees, shrubs, ferns and perennials. Now the creek can resume its role as essential habitat for Red Legged Frogs (a threatened species), salamanders, Golden Mantle Squirrels, native Cutthroat Trout, Douglas Squirrels, deer, and a wide variety of birds, butterflies and dragonflies. In addition, the water that enters the stream will be filtered naturally by the streamside plantings.

Our desire is for Fields Creek to be an educational tool and a living example of a native habitat. We must take care of the earth so that the earth can continue to take care of us!

Look at our pictures, below, and come visit us soon! Also, check out a great article about the project with more photos at: http://www.trwc.org/basin_projects/fields-creek.html

Some Photos of our new Property

the pond

Fields Creek

Japanese Knotweed . . .to be removed!!

the old well house

mural on well house
Pictures of our restoration party
As A result of all that work, a healthier habitat

cut throat trout ©Josh Cowger
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