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Indian Blanket Flower · Gaillardia aristata

Gaillardia aristata ©Lory Duralia

Description: A long-blooming perennial (10-14") from prairies, dry meadows, and open woods, British Columbia to California and east to New Mexico.. The yellow (ray) and brown (disc) flowers begin blooming in summer and will continue into fall if deadheaded. Blanket flower is wonderful in dry, sunny borders or in meadows with native grasses. Butterfly favorite. Sun, low water, well-drained soil.

Lewis and Clark collected blanketflower on July 7, 1806. on Beaver Creek near present-day Linclon, Montana. Lewis' description of the camp included: "above it's mouth through a beautifull plain on the border of which we passed the remains of 32 old lodges. they appear to be those of the Minnetares as are all thosee we have seen today.killed five deer and a beaver today.encamped on the creek much sign of beaver in this extensive bottom."