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red-osier dogwood, red-twig dogwood · Cornus stolonifera (syn. C. sericea)

Cornus stolonifera ©Ellen Mast

Description: vigorous, deciduous shrub (to 15 ft). Red-twig dogwood is showy in all seasons. In spring, it has flat-topped clusters of white flowers, which are followed by white to bluish berries. The foliage turns deep red in autumn, and the red twigs intensify in color as the shrub goes dormant in winter. Good waterside plant, especially good for erosion control. Sun/part sun, moist soil.

Great picture, huh? I love it! This is in my backyard, by my pond. I saw a Flicker eating the berries that had dropped to the ground the other day. Great bird plant, in addition to its year-round beauty!