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New Shipment! 5 to 10 ft. B&B vine maples"Beautiful shapes"

Winter is coming...

Your plants need protection from the cold. The best way to provide this is nature's way: a blanket of leaves. Don't be too hasty to clean up your fall debris; it can provide shelter for both your plants and backyard wildlife. Plants that are especially sensitive to the cold may benefit from additional mulch.

If you provide suet and bird seed along with native plants for cover and food, winter can be a great opportunity for backyard birding. Snowberry fruit hangs on all winter and is appreciated by hungry birds. Remember to keep your hummingbird feeders stocked and fresh for the Anna's Hummers that stay here all year. Birdbaths are especially appreciated in winter; they keep birds' downy coats clean and insulating. When freezing temperatures freeze the water, put in fresh water or add a bird bath heater.

Cards, t-shirts, and tote bags available soon!

Tote bags - cotton, silk screened with the beautiful art work of Lory Duralia
T-shirts - cotton, pre-shrunk, silk screened with the beautiful art work of Lory Duralia
Cards - handmade cards for $5.00 each, or a set of 5 bound with raffia for $20.00

Proceeds go to benefit Fields Creek preservation. Pricing and ordering details to follow. There will be limited quantities, so if you'd like to reserve yours now, send an email to boskydellnatives@aol.com with your name and order. We will be fully equipped to receive orders and ship items in the next couple weeks.

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